November 26, 2008

The world is what you make of it

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We are part of this world. And yet we often wish things were different. The world is big and powerful; what can we do? Where is our locus of control?

On the one hand, the world only exists for us insofar as we consciously perceive it. And our perception of the world is, to a large extent, under our conscious control. If we only took the time to plan and affect our attitudes, we could change our world.

Of course, actual reality may be much harder to affect than that. If we want to make our way in the world, we will need to persevere. And yet, even in this, fortune favors the optimist, who is constantly inspiring others. Those who are bold are constantly asserting their worldview and pushing it further. negotiating with the real world and finding compromise far ahead of the “realist”, who has already ceded to fate and plays by whatever rules he imagines it has. If you can maintain your core happiness throughout your endeavors, you will inspire, you will lead, and in some way, you will change the world.

You have to take action if you want to make a difference. It can be scary, but at the end of the day, some sort of action is necessary. So if you find you must act, prepare yourself. With the right mindset, any outcome will leave you happy you tried.

Sometimes, by trying to maximize your chances, you actually hurt your reward. The “safe” route is not as colorful and exciting, and very often it is not all that safe. Sometimes it is more important to stay true to yourself, than to maximize the chances of achieving something by not being who you are.

Finally: you change as your experiences shape you, just as you attempt to shape them. You are conditioned by your past. And it is when something loses its magic for you and becomes “no big deal”, that it starts to occur often in your life. The human life is about growing and achieving that which, having been achieved many times, becomes easier to get and less rewarding. Happiness is sometimes a delicate balance of getting things that are challenging to get, before they have become easy.

November 22, 2008


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Well, this is my first post. I’ve started blogs before, but now that I’ve got an official site up and everything, well — I figure it’s time to start a good blog while I’m at it.

I hope you’re having a good day. A good year, even! I was sick for the past couple days … one of those colds that starts in your nose and, a few days later, travels down into your chest making it very unpleasant indeed. At least, that’s how colds go for me.

I’ve realized that health is a gift. All else can be earned. One of the little ironies of life is how many people risk their health to earn money in their younger years, and later spend money to try and fix up their health. I wasn’t the first one who noticed this irony. But I say, if you’re going to live a life, make it a good one. Make it one where you are happy to be you.

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