November 28, 2009

Things guys should work on having

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The 12 things that can only make a guy more attractive. Feel free to comment on my list, but only add and remove things if you think they apply universally, not just to you.

1. being well dressed
they say clothes make the man. The clothes you buy should fit well, and stop short of having a style that screams “metrosexual”

2. having a car
especially one that feels awesome to get into. Bonus points for nice stereo system and comfortable seats. Make sure her leaning over doesn’t shift your gears :)

3. having enough money
you should be able to afford to take her out on a non-crappy date every single day without too much damage to your bank account. Not that you would, but you could — it’s a non-issue.

4. having a good social circle
people that really respect you, bonus points if it includes females in it. Oh, this is like he #1 thing that timid, intelligent guys need.

5. having your own place
bonus points if you have interesting things back there you can show her, or activities you could do together

6. having a style

be well groomed. Try going to a gay hair stylist. They might give you some good pointers. Something that fits with your actual personality, and doesn’t seem like a mishmash of frankenstein parts. Own your style, and have it together.

7. confidence and decisiveness
Confidence says you know you’ve got it going on, so focus on your good qualities. Also as a man, you should be able to be decisive, while at the same time having enough respect for social norms to not force people into awkward situations.

8. having an identity, a job
Be prepared to talk about what you do and a few things about how people you’re talking to might relate to it. How does it connect to who you are? Show, don’t talk, about what makes you unique and interesting.

9. working out and having a well built body
Women subconsciously ask, how is a man who can’t take care of himself going to take of me? Not to mention, a powerful man can make women feel weak in the knees :) This is especially true when she doesn’t know you well enough yet.

10. clean face, teeth, hair
It goes without saying, bad hygiene is a turn-off, although the standards vary a bit by culture. Use conditioner in your hair and try shaping it with paste. Some women like body hair on men, others don’t. If you’ve got a huge bush, try using a beard trimmer, to prevent itching as the hair grows back.

11. smell good, manly cologne
For the times one of you leans in to whisper sweet nothings in the ear of the other. Remember though, women on the whole have a more acute sense of smell than men do, so don’t put on so much that it’s overpowering. Consider getting a nice shower gel. And definitely use deodorant where needed.

12. be successful at something a woman can admire
There are so many things, I can’t even begin to list them. Okay, I can: cooking, photography, poetry, art, playing an instrument, etc.