April 1, 2012

A challenge to Christians

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As many of you know, I think there are very good reasons to think that some or all of the supernatural things described in the Bible weren’t actually supernatural, but instead the result of myth making.

However, I have debated with many Christians and they all insist that the resurrection is historically well attested to, and the most likely explanation is that it happened.

Fine, let’s say it happened and “Christianity” is the right religion. Perhaps as C.S. Lewis said, “Mere Christianity”. My question is, what does one actually have to do as a Christian? Once they pray for salvation to God, and repent of their previous sins, and accept Jesus’ free gift of full payment for your sins on the cross, then what? Are they saved no matter what they do?

If Paul says that “we are dead to the law” and “the old covenant is obsolete” then what guide *do* we have as to what to do?

Specifically in the areas of masturbation, pornography and premarital sex, can Christians continue to engage in these things as long as they are consensual from all parties?

I challenge any Christians to simply answer these questions in a way that anyone can clearly understand. They should

1. be able to understand what your answer MEANS in specific, actionable terms, for example a vague answer such as “You Must Do God’s Will” can and has been interpreted in a myriad different ways by Christian groups all throughout history, many of which vehemently disagreed with each other

2. be able to trace HOW you derive your answer. Was it from something Jesus taught? Paul taught? Is it based on a translation? Is it something a pastor seems to get out of nowhere?

3. be able to respond to follow-up questions regarding the meaning of terms, and how their answer is affected by things such as: accurate translations of the original text, strong positions on these issues by people in the New Testament, and so forth.

It’s okay if you are not able to do 3, perhaps another Christian will be able to. The goal is to find out what Christians actually have to do, and why they have to do it, without being so vague as to mean practically anything. Things like “you are rebelling against God” can and have been co-opted to support all sorts of positions from war to abortion to persecution of homosexuals.

In short, we don’t want the following situation:

Picking and Choosing Christian Values

Picking and Choosing Christian Values

We want knowledge and reasonable explanations!