November 10, 2014

Some Sensible Suggestions for Bill de Blasio’s Office

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With the recent speed limit overhauls in New York City, I would like to write an open letter to the Mayor’s office recommending some smart policies that would actually reduce congestion, improve the city’s economy, produce more revenue for the city and save lives. Will any of these get implemented?

  1. Require delivery trucks to share their routes with the city, work with them and their client businesses to move as many deliveries as possible to night-time. That will reduce the terrible congestion in Manhattan during the day, and also create jobs. This is already done in other cities and countries such as Britain.
  2. Install systems that detect when a parking spot is freed up, such as sensors along the sidewalk or image recognition mounted on traffic lights, able to distinguish pavement, e.g. via colors. Partner with companies that would provide such a system, and let them make money via subscriptions to an app that all drivers would have to download to know where the parking spots are. 30% of city traffic is from cars circling to find parking, which helps no one. This way the city can make revenue from cars which overstay their 2 hours, by having the meter maids (via the same company’s app) be dispatched to places where the car’s meter is about to expire, instead of wandering randomly.
  3. Optimize traffic light synchronization to reward people going 25mph. Work with NJ, etc. to expand EXITS of tunnels and bridges leading out of Manhattan. Make green light duration depend on congestion, increasing green light time around exits from tunnels, while decreasing it for blocks around entrances to tunnels and bridges. This is a classic way to dissipate jams.

And those lawmakers who really care about saving people’s lives should consider working to require car manufacturers to start adding systems that detect pedestrians ahead and prevent collisions. The technology exists. Instead of relying onĀ people to prevent accidents by driving slower, please consider actively promoting better technology to help achieve vision zero.

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