December 23, 2019

Is the US headed towards a civil war?

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While the country’s media has been focused on the partisan spectacle of impeachment, and the Democratic debates, something far more serious has been taking place. Activist lawmakers in several US states have passed sweeping new laws about abortion and guns. In Virginia, Democrats are working to pass major new gun legislation that has angered conservatives. Some lawmakers and the Attorney General have threatened to call in the National Guard to enforce these laws if police won’t, which has triggered many gun-owning Americans to join together into people’s militias.

All across the US, paramilitary groups have begun to form in response to gun laws passed by State lawmakers in Virginia. Inspired by the sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce Federal laws against undocumented immigrants, counties in Virginia have started the “2nd amendment sanctuaries”. The movement has quickly gone mainstream, as 90% of the counties have declared themselves 2nd amendment sanctuaries. As of November 25th there were militias in 19 states. Perhaps the 2nd amendment’s “Well-Regulated Militia” clause will finally be considered seriously, but these groups do not necessarily answer to state or federal government.

The rise of these militias will trigger the state and federal governments to take various measures to combat them, not for owning guns, but for forming paramilitary groups. Virginia’s state attorney general has said that the “sanctuary counties” resolutions may be unenforceable and also said the militias may be illegal. Indeed, various states have laws that make such paramilitary groups illegal, and it is the triggering of these laws that can spark a civil war where the state and federal governments will be in a conflicted position to fire on their own people.

At the very least, this will test the control of the State governments of their own territory, similar to the “no-go zones” rumors about some European countries. The Federal government will be especially conflicted as many of the same people who form these militias strongly support Trump and his conservative government. It is not clear how the Federal government will act if states engage these 2nd amendment militias.

In every war, the claims on both sides about the atrocities and unfairness of the other are partially correct, and often serve to inflame tensions on both sides and escalate the conflict. In this case, the civil war would be fought between the people’s militias and the state and federal governments.

In the past few years, the FBI has considered right-wing extremism to be a far greater threat to national security than Islamic extremism. But in 2020, the tinderbox may be set to explode. Expect a far graver assessment about “right-wing extremists” from the FBI, which was for decades was very active in fighting “left-wing extremists and socialists” in the McCarthy era and through programs like COINTELPRO.

But things could be even worse. Consider the following scenario: Bernie or Biden wins the Presidential election in 2020 by a small margin. Donald Trump – as can be expected – will claim that the election was rigged, perhaps being tipped by some unspecified number of undocumented immigrants somehow being allowed to vote. This may lead to an unprecedented situation in US history, of a US president unwilling to leave office voluntarily. In the debates leading up to the 2016 election he already refused to state whether he will concede defeat if the results show he lost. Donald Trump is prone to saying things were rigged against him when he loses. He has publicly floated the idea of staying on for a few more years. He has already toyed with the idea of being President for life. Donald Trump may warn his base that this country is about to fall into the hands of socialists and baby-killers who will destroy it. And if this happens, many of the second-amendment militias around the country may come out to support Donald Trump, triggering a showdown with their state governments and the National Guard. Donald Trump has already embraced the label of Nationalist and there is a large overlap between his supporters and various feelings of nationalism, against the elites and globalists in the Federal government. If you think this is far-fetched, consider that protestors around the country already threatened violence if the Federal Government impeaches Donald Trump.

Hopefully I am wrong, and none of this comes to pass, especially not after November 9, 2020.


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