Gregory Magarshak

What I can do for you


Software Team Manager, Senior Developer, Product Architect with Executive Experience and deep knowledge of Full Stack Web Development.


Spent 11 years and $800,000 to build open source platforms and train developers that now enable me to build viral, engaging, apps to unite communities and strengthen any brand.


Looking for an opportunity to substantially expand and engage your customer base, through building customer-focused, social software. Prefer to come work on ambitious new projects where I can deliver the most value, working closely with your teams to take your web presence, apps, and online community to the next level.


Built apps that have been downloaded by millions of users in 15+ languages, and are used 2 million times a month by people in around 100 countries, with $0 spent on marketing or PR. Launched two successful companies in the Web2 and Web3 space and designed distributed software platforms that now power community applications around the world.
Executive experience


Taking startups and projects from zero to success, hiring and training and motivating developers, building and managing teams, designing UI/UX, wireframes and flows, working with legal documents and audits, submitting patents, interfacing with investors, meeting with customers, consulting and gathering requirements, Generating Statements of Work translating business objectives into tasks, project management, pre-sales, enterprise sales, app store sales.
Technical experience


Built Social Apps at Digital Agencies all throughout NYC including Publicis, Razorfish, Mashwork and Canvs, IRIS Worldwide, Reputation Line, One Public and others. Facebook apps for brands like Lufthansa and Neutrogena. Worked with all aspects of social apps including Web, iOS and Android, and invented new techniques such as one-click invites, produced documentation and tutorials for complex projects, and led teams to achieve business goals including attracting large user bases and thousands of great reviews.


Blockchain, Solidity, Remix, Truffle, Web3, ethers.js, HTML5, CSS 3, Javascript ES6 + ES7, PhoneGap (Cordova), Ionic, Angular 14, React, React Native, APIs from Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, WebRTC, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Apache, NGinX, Node.js, NPM, GitHub, Software Design, Scalability, CDNs, Amazon Web Services, Linux, Hosting, Redmine, Google Suite, Releasing iOS and Android apps, Notifications across all platforms, passing security audits, and describing best practices, Designing Distributed Systems, Practical Solutions to Internationalization.

GitHub repositories

See GitHub repositories for Web2 and Web3. I architected the solutions and wrote half of the code. The other half was written by developers working under my direction.

New York University

Master's Degree from NYU's Ph. D program in Applied Mathematics.
Graduated 2006. (GPA 3.8).

Brooklyn College

B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics (dual major), Literature minor.
Graduated 2003. (GPA 3.6)
Early achievements


As a concert pianist and composer, I performed in Carnegie Hall and around the world, which taught me I can do things most people consider "impossible" if I know the exact steps to get there.

College at 14

I finished high school around 13, with a Regents Diploma, and enrolled in Brooklyn College, where I majored in Math and Computer Science, and later taught as an adjunct professor.
Approach and Ethics

To Products

I believe that software products we use to connect us have the power to shape our society and relationships. In everything I build and oversee, I carefully consider user privacy, security, and strive to follow best practices , avoiding dark patterns and notification overload. I believe the best products let people get things done in the real world, and get out of the way. They let people control what they receive notifications about, and pre-compute useful information when presenting an interface to the user. When I design group activities activities I try to make sure they lead towards a goal, building up a snowball of contributions, rather than having users rehash the same thing over and over. When it comes to regulations such as GDPR, I prefer tech solutions that solve the problem reliably, using hashes and cryptography. I believe that end-to-end encryption is the best way to alleviate the risk of massive hacks such as the ones at Equifax and Mariott and I help projects develop secure infrastructures through relying on mathematical proof rather than having to trust a group of people.

To People

I am passionate about building products that Empower People and Unite Communities, products that allow people to stay in control of their own data, identity / brand and relationships. History has shown that, when it comes to information and software, collaboration eventually beats competition. Whether it's open source software, wikipedia, or science, open source and consistent standards have led to the greatest explosion of wealth and technology we have seen. In the last few years, I have pioneered results-oriented compensation models that motivate team members and properly align incentives. I believe the future of our society is people receiving a Universal Basic Income, spending time with their families, and making contributions to open source projects in software, drug research, other scientific research, analysis of politics and news, and so on.