Web Innovator
What does that mean? How did it start?
qbasic I started programming when I was around 10 years old. My dad had taken me to visit one of his friends and his family, and that's where I learned about QBasic. I left with a book and a copy of qb.exe .

Since then I've loved creating stuff using the computer. (Like this fun little game.) My journey took me through Visual Basic, C, C++, to Visual C++ and Win32, which I used for several years.
3d As a teenager, I got into game programming, wrote a 3D engine, and a bunch of articles on I played around with DirectX and OpenGL, and kind of left the scene when pixel and vertex shaders came out.
bloomberg In my first job out of college, I basically did a bunch of business programming with VBA, Excel and so forth (hedge funds), and at Bloomberg, I worked on the client app, making use of my knowledge of Visual C++ and Win32. That was quite an educational experience.

I made no secret that I'd like to work on the front end of things, with Win32, and improve the user interface with a dynamic auto-suggest box to complement the cryptic commands of the Bloomberg terminal. As luck would have it, shortly after I was placed with that team, I got a project to build exactly that (well, the front end of it). So now I like to think by now I may have helped save Bloomberg a million dollars in helpdesk expenses :)
dailytutor In 2004, I got into web development, and have loved it ever since. When I was studying at NYU, I wanted to make a site where tutors and students could find each other. So I made, my first PHP-based site. (You can now see it at, because sadly I let expire through a miscommunication with the registrar, and now it's owned by a cybersquatter.)
In early 2007, I got heavily involved with social applications -- a new breed of websites that actually makes intelligent use of the connections and personal information of their users to improve their experience. I founded Lucky Apps, which is now my Social Media company in NYC. We make custom web solutions for businesses, with an emphasis on social applications (facebook, YouTube, etc.). Most projects we take on are directly related to technology that Lucky Apps already developed or is developing, a lot of which is open sourced at

This pays the bills and helps fund our internal development of the technology that will be used to power and other interesting websites of the future. My dream is to build those sites as soon as possible! :)

Just recently, I've invented a technology that will allow the existing internet to be enhanced with a completely distributed system for subscribing to public and private streams, which you can read and write to. This means that ANY publisher of information can now offer various streams for people and control who they grant permissions to, and ANY person browsing the internet is able to subscribe to and consume the streams they want, and even configure alerts to their phone, rather than being inundated with spam like they are now. What's more, you only need one set of credentials to access all streams, and the system is pretty secure. If you'd like to get involved, contact me.


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